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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The flock return

Well as the title suggests we have had a busy couple of days here at Norbury....just for a change....ha ha. All the boats that went out last Friday, Saturday and Monday have all returned and some have even turned around and gone out again, not with the same crew on I might
We had 6 boats back yesterday and Pippin and Sphinx both went out again, and 5 return this morning with Ember and Phantom going back out, Phantom is out for 4 weeks ;-)
We had 2 day boats out this morning which Peter showed out and both returned without any issues and a great day had by all.
The tea room has ticked over nicely today with Denise and Sylvia and the help of our newest member of staff Zoey. Zoey is only 16 and has done really well, we are proud to have her in our team.
Bernard has been doing engine services and being a general change there....he even made me walk down the gunwales to get off Ember as he had the deck boards up, charming!!!!
Peter has been doing the internal checks on the hire fleet and did the show rounds on the boats going out.
When he was turning the boats round yesterday he decided to give the roof on Sphinx a good clean with a broom and suds. I went onto the boat to give it a final check I could hear a scratching on the roof, I walked out the front door to see what was going on and got a face full of suds....lovely, I had already had a shower that morning and didn't need another one thanks.
We had the Shropshire star trip boat go out last night with a fish and chip supper, there were 25 people aboard who all had a great time with Will as skipper and Sandra as crew.
Joyce has been doing her usual Ebay listings and sales. She bought some lunch with her yesterday, chicken salad. She came down to the kitchen at lunchtime and searched the fridge for her lunch. I heard her asking where it was and I had to skulk away as I saw it in there, someone asked for a chicken salad and I sold it....sorry Joyce.
Mrs Handbag has been cleaning the boats today and we have both been cracking on with all the washing that needs doing in the laundry. Surprinsingly, for information purposes only of course we have washed 84 towels, 11 double duvet covers, 20 single duvet covers, 11 double sheets, 20 single sheets, 84 pillow cases, 10 bath mats, 7 shower curtains, 10 rubber bath mats and 18 tea towels and the same again for tomorrow.
David has been looking for new computers for the 3 of us....yay
Well that's all from me for today, until next time, byeeeeee ange. 


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