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Saturday, 17 May 2014

sooooooooo busy

Wow what a busy day we have had here at Norbury today.
We had 3 day boats out first thing this morning which Peter duly showed out, all returned on time and had a great day and no one sunburnt I am glad to say. After he showed the day boats out he got on with doing the internal checks on the boats that have gone out today and doing showrounds.
Mr Handbag has been doing the turnrounds on the boats, serving diesel and gas and pumpouts on the wharf.
Bernard has been engineering the boats that have been turning round and generally making a nuisance of himself, I was having a conversation with Mr Handbag and Bernard said "speak up, I can't hear you"....I said "I'm not speaking to you, mind your own business"....he said "I like to know what's going on, now speak up", nosey.
We had 4 hire boats return to us this morning, all with happy people aboard despite the horrible weather that we had at the start of the week and we have had 4 go out this afternoon headed in all sorts of directions.
Denise and Sandra have manned the tea room under lots of pressure and have coped very well, it has been very busy down there today with lots of cyclists and walkers, they even called on me to go and help a couple of times.
We also had the trip boat out this afternoon for a 2 hour trip, Shebdon and return. Will was the skipper and Sylvia was crew. All had a fab time.
Mrs Handbag and Trudie have been cleaning the boats and we now have a MASSIVE pile of washing waiting to be put through the washing machine :-(
Well that's it from me until next time, byeeeeeee ange.

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