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Saturday, 24 May 2014

very busy

hi all, we have had 4 boats return to us this morning and all had a great time. three of them have turned round along with wharf cottage which is now out for the week and they have also booked a day boat, we do reduced rates on day boats for cottage residents.
well we had phoenix, phantom, princess and ember return today, all but  phantom have turned round and we have also seen phoebe, python and summer wine on their way, hopefully for a nice sunny this space.
well we had 2 day boats out first thing that peter duly showed out, both returned on time and despite the rain had a great day.
denise and mrs handbag have done the cleaning on the boats today and what a sterling job they have done, my biggest bug bear here with the hire fleet is the amount of washing we have to do at the end of the turnround....mmmm...
sylvia and trudy have been working in the tea room today which has been quite busy, especially early on when everyone could smell the breakfasts cooking.
mr hb as he is now known (doesn't like the hand bag label) has been doing turning the boats round and peter has been doing the internal checks on the boats and wharf cottage. bernard has been a general nuisance and engineering the hire fleet.
i do wish that the boats could be better placed when they are returned to us....i got stuck on the tiller  arm of pacific today, so low, almost knocked myself into the canal....pmsl
well thats all from me for today, til next time....byeeee ange.

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