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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Slow start but got busier

As the title suggests we had a slow start to to the day today. We had 3 day boats out first thing this morning all duly showed out by Peter, all returned on time and had a great day, a couple of them were a little bit really do need to apply sun tan lotion when you are out on a boat especially when the sun is out.
The trip boat has also been operating today, we didn't start until 12.30pm as not many folk are up and about at 11.00am, if I wasn't working I wouldn't be....ha ha, but as the day wore on there were more takers. Will was steering and Mike was crew. We had a little joke with them today, we stuck an L plate on the counter band just under the fender, they knew it was there all along.
We have docked a boat for survey this morning, undocked and docked again for blacking.
The tea room started off busy as usual on a sunday morning and then went very quiet so the girls have been out getting the boats ready for next weekend, they each took a radio with them so I could call them back if necessary, this has to happen as i make so much mess in the kitchen even making a bacon Then the flood gates opened and all hell broke cream and cake busy this afternoon. I have spent the best part of the afternoon filling the ice cream freezers and re-ordrering stock for the shop and tea room.
David has completed the sale of Tug, Dawnstar, Hazel and fire fly today, we have had a great week with brokerage, please visit our website or contact us on 01785 284292 if you have a boat to sell or are looking to buy....that is all from me for today....byeeee ange.

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