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Friday, 9 May 2014

Where did that go?

Where did the morning go to, it started off early as we had to drop off Graham and his wife to collect a boat that is due in to us for brokerage, they wanted an early start and to be honest so did we as we had a lot on today, A day boat went out first thing, and the people were waiting for us when we came in to open up, I think they were a bit keen, Peter duly showed them out and off they went, and what a great day they have picked as the sun has been out all day, Bernard fitted a set of anodes on the boat in the dry dock and then went on to carry out a full engine service on a private boat, Fred was in turning boats around, four hire boats today and another four tomorrow, he then went on to dig up a bit of the wharf that covers a water pipe that has developed a leak, there is always something to repair in place like this, Mick has been refitting window frames on the boat that has just come out of the painting dock and Lee is still preparing the one in the wet dock, I will see if we can get some pictures of before and after, me and David have been shuffling brokerage boats around and putting them in to the brokerage moorings, that sounds easier than it is trust me, and then we carried on producing all of the brokerage information and getting it uploaded and finally but by no means last, Ange and Denise have been looking after the shop and tea room while Mrs Hand bag has been cleaning the boats and the cottage ready for the next set of holiday makers.

I hope you all have a nice weekend

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