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Saturday, 3 May 2014

May day festival weekend

We have had a very busy day today here at Norbury. We had 3 day boats go out first thing, 2 of which Peter duly showed out and the other one was doing short boat trips for the festival.
We had Phoenix, Summer Wine, Princess and Phoebe return to us this morning all with happy customers aboard and who also enjoyed great weather. Summer Wine, Ember and Python have all gone out today and we have bed and breakfast customers on Phoebe and Phantasy.
Everyone has been really busy here today in one way or another. The tea room has been especially busy which has kept Denise, Sylvia, Sandra, Jenny, Mrs Handbag, Sarah and myself (at times) occupied. We have sold loads and loads of ice cream and loads of cream teas and cake.
David and Joyce and me (sometimes) have been in the office....I have to keep putting words in brackets after my name because Simon said that I wasn't to help out in the tea room unless it was absolutely necessary....well Si it was ;-) and Sarah and Mrs Handbag have been turning boats round.
We also had the Shropshire Star running 1 hour long trips to Grub Street and back today with Will as steerer and Mike as crew.
Bernard, Mick and Peter have been engineering and doing the internal checks on the hire fleet as well as getting the day boats turned round ready for them all to go back out again tomorrow :-)
There are loads of boats here at Norbury at the moment for the festival weekend, there is the cheese boat, fudge boat, someone making nice belts and dog collars, Peter and Jill Jaggers selling their jewellery etc, Big Knitting wool stall, someone selling unusual tiller pins....Mark asked if he had a basset hound tiller pin, he replied "no, I've never seen one but I have one of a dachsund, I suggest you change your dog"...change my Dylan, never :-)
Well I can't think of anything more to say about today, hopefully we will be really busy again tomorrow, until next time, byeeeeeeeeeeee ange.

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