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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Boats everywhere

What a manic day it has been today, from very first thing this morning it has almost been non stop, the shop and wharf have been quiet and so have the phones, in some way I am quite glad because I don't think that Me or David would have cooped, it doesn't sound like a lot but we had three boats turn up for brokerage first thing and two boats complete and go out so five sets of customers to deal with and all of the associated paperwork to complete, that took most of the day between other jobs, in fact David is still working on getting the advertising sorted on the many websites that we use, I| managed to get a rough draft put together for a couple of the boats and that just leaves one to get some pictures of tomorrow, make sure you have a look at our website for the details of the new boats as they are quite nice! As well as the three extra boats we now have for sale, we also have several boats turn up for work to be carried out, so as you can imagine it is a bit tight so to speak, boats everywhere at the moment, it will soon change!

Bernard came in today and got 6 boats ready for the weekend,but we do have 9 out and the cottage, Fred blacked a boat on the dock as well as mouched around the yard in the rain looking for somewhere to hide, and Lee is still in the process of stripping a boat down that is in the wet dock, sorry we haven't been keeping the blog up to date, time just seems to run away with us, but we will endeavour to keep you a bit more up to date over the next couple of months.


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