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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Not much to report but getting busier

Hi all,  my turn soon comes around again. Well as the title suggests there still isn't a lot more to report but I will try and keep you entertained.
We had 3 hire boats return to us this morning, no issues and all had a great time. We have turned round Summer Wine and Python and Princess and Phantom have also gone out to play for a week. Yesterday saw Quince, Solace, Sphinx and Pippin go out and on monday we have Pacific going out with a returning customer of ours....Nigel Booth and party, you know who you are :-) and Wharf cottage is out for a short break.
We had 3 day boats out first thing this morning which Peter duly showed out, one party was very eager to get going, they were there before we, but all returned safe and sound despite the very dodgy weather that we have had here today.
Mrs Handbag has been turning the boats around with help from Mrs Tupp (our Denise),  both have been cracking on with the washing, giving one of our moorers boats a thorough spring clean aswell as serving in the tea room and cleaning the Shropshire Star ready for her 1 hour cruises tomorrow starting at 11 am. In their absence Sylvia has been serving in the tea room.
Mick (Mr Handbag, who incidentally doesn't answer his radio if you call for "Mick", he now only answers to Mr Handbag as we also have Mick Thompson working here), has been turning boats around today and Peter has been dong internal checks and showrounds.
Bernard has been his usual annoying self and David and I have looked after the office between us, serving customers, taking day boat and holiday bookings and meeting and greeting holiday makers.
Well that really is all for today, i've been playing catch up all week after the fesival last weekend and my brain is frazzled....more to come next saturday so until next time, bye........ Ange. 

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