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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Not a normal Wednesday

Its quite possibly the busiest week of the year for the hire industry on the canals, We certainly have every hire boat out on hire, including the day boats, and I know that most of the other hire companies are fully booked too, now on a Wednesday we are usually stacked out with work, customers and the phone doesn't stop ringing but today has been unusually quiet, it could easily have been the other way though with breakdowns and boats everywhere, It does bemuse me somewhat, as I said most of the hire companies have their fleets out yet the canal has an eerie quietness to it, we haven't seen many boats around today at all, the wharf has been quiet and the visitor moorings have been empty, so where are all of the boats?

Although its been quiet today we have had three day boats go out first thing, one did book on line lase last night however, we haven't docked a boat because the one that is currently in the dock is waiting for parts to arrive for its bow thruster and it was scheduled to be in all week as it was being grit blasted and painted in a two pack epoxy paint system, the weather hasn't done us any favours either today and I reckon that has kept people away too, there is no rest for the wicked though and Lee has cracked on with the tug that he was painting and at around four o'clock he announced that he was finished, and what a smart job he has made of that, just a nit of sign writing to be done and that one will come out looking like a new boat.

Im off to battle with the rain, so until tomorrow

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