Shop front in the summer

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Simply stunning!

I was away abroad on business over the weekend in quite a warm climate and I kept a close eye on the weather back home, I was pleased to be in the warm but disappointed that good old Blighty was suffering, I returned on Monday evening to cloud and rain and my heart sank at the prospect of a poor week, but I think that I must have bought the good weather back with me, Tuesday turned out to be a nice day and today has been stunning, I arose early this morning to the usual early morning chorus and streaming sunlight, the Grass was heavy with Dew and there was a frost over the windscreen of the cars, but what a lovely way to wake up, I thought then that I must have bought tyhe weather back with me, according to the forecasters its here to stay for a while, fingers crossed!

Its been a busy one at Norbury today, we had three day boats out first thing, well it was two really, as Mick and Jude took a boat out with some friends aboard, Peter showed the other boats out and what a great day they have had, a bit later on in the morning we had the trip boat go out on a 6 hour cruise up to the Wharf Tavern at Goldstone, I bet Paul the owner of the pub was pleased with having the best part of 50 hungry mouths to feed on top of his normal trade; the morning then settled down to the norm, we had a boat on the dock for survey first thing which Bernard and Mr HB sorted, they left the surveyor to it and carried on with bits and bobs around the boats and the yard, just before lunch they flooded the dock and just after lunch they then docked another boat but for blacking this time, of which Mr HB pressure washed the hull and left it to dry for the rest of the day, Bernard went on to it to satrt its full engine service, and Peter went on to start constructing some new entrance steps down to the moorings, Ange, Joyce and Sylvia looked after a busy shop and tea room, and not forgetting Lee, who has been painting the undercoats and preparing the boat in the dock, that's going to look great when finished!


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