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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

busy day today

Its a bit like writing a diary everyday but I have to leave a lot of things out as there just isnt enough space to write everything so this is just a snap shot of things that happen at Norbury. It all started very early this morning with filling the dock as we have had two boats to dock today for survey, so once we had moved some boats out of the way of the dock, broke some more ice we were ready, one boat docked by 10am then the next one docked by 1pm, the boat that was on the dock(Ember) was moved over to the painting dock while the one in the painting dock (Silhouette) came out looking much tidier after a lick of paint here and there, I moved the boat and it is superb now with its new engine, I know that the owners will be chuffed with how it is now! We carried on moving boats all day, we seem to have so many boats at the moment that we have to move two boats to get at one and so on, it seems to take for ever! I finally got back in to the office at 3pm for a meeting, thank God for that as it gave me chance to thaw out my fingers.

We are craning a boat in to the water tomorrow so alls being well I will get some photos for you.

Until tomorrow Simon

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