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Thursday, 16 December 2010


Its been a busy sort of day, as I said yesterday we were craning this morning so David moved the boats out of the way, moved the Trailer that was in front of the boat to be craned and we generally got everything in order to do the job, we then went over to the dry dock to dock a couple of our boats for blacking etc, it was around 10.30 when we finished and I said to David " a that crane is quite a bit late"it should have arrived at 9am, then the penny dropped, I got the days wrong and its Friday we are craning! needles to say David was not amused, so it just goes to show, even I get things wrong! He then had to put all the boats back where they were until tomorrow.

You don't notice sometimes just how busy it is until you run out of something, we have three diesel pumps on the wharf, we have a delivery of fuel at least once a week, sometimes twice a week in the summer months, two of pumps ran out of fuel today,fortunately we have a delivery tomorrow so no one will be disappointed.

We are craning tomorrow so I will get some pictures then.


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