Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 30 December 2010

What happened to the day?

Just sitting here typing this and thinking, what happened to Thursday, we haven't stopped all day, it has been like a day in the summer but without the weather, customers everywhere, we have sold out of the Large Eco fans, seven in two days! that's not bad going, we used to only sell half a dozen a year but i think they have featured on the TV recently, we have started selling them in our eBay shop as well but that doesn't account for the amount that we are selling through the shop. Still no boats moving, i think that people are coming down to their boats as we are selling lots of water pumps and associated plumbing spares as i predicted!

I tried breaking the ice this morning but i didn't manage much, it must be over a foot thick down the arm down to the dry dock, we wont be docking any boats just yet, i will try again tomorrow.

I must go as i am already running late.


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