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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Just another day

Well that's Christmas over for another year, I did return to work yesterday but nothing really to write about so I gave it a miss, not really much to write about today either but I do know that there are some people out there who read the blog everyday just to see what we are up to so I thought I better put something!

Still no boats passing but the thick ice may have something to do with that, I spent a few hours yesterday breaking the ice in the basin so that we could move some boats on to the wharf to pump them out, We still have boats being collected so they have to be got ready, regardless of the weather! The ice seemed thicker than it was, its amazing what a couple of days of freezing temperatures does, it has started to thaw now and all the snow has finally gone, we can now see the extent of the damage caused by the hard freeze, so far we have damage to the wharf edge by the water in the brick work freezing, frozen pipes and lifted tarmac, we haven't even started to look at all the boats yet.

Its been quite busy here, diesel sales, coal sales and gas are through the roof at the moment and as we are the only chandlers open in the area we are having a great run on pumps etc, I would say long may it continue but I don't want to see this sort of weather again unless i go to lap land!


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