Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

longest day

At last its the longest day and we can all start to look forward to lighter nights! its been another bitterly cold day here at Norbury, coal sales, diesel sales and gas sales are through the roof at the moment i just hope that we can keep up with the demand, we had more coal delivered today so we should be OK for over the Christmas break now.

The holiday makers on Summer Wine decided to call it a day today and have left for home, apparently the forecasters have said we will have up to ten inches of snow this week, it doesn't look like the ice will disapear for quite some time, Sovereign Lady is try to make it back through the ice, its out again on Thursday so keeping my fingers crossed, its not far away so hopefully we will see it tomorrow. Fred has been ice breaking today and when he came back he said that i was right it is hard work, the poor old day boat will need blacking now after its duties as an ice breaker.

I'm off home now to stoke my fire and put my feet up.


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