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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The weather

What on earth will we talk about when the weather finally changes and this cold snap disappears?
They are forecasting more bad weather later this week and its started going cold again today, just when most of the ice at Norbury is melting we are going to be hit with more sub zero temperatures and more ice! we are preparing all the boats as most of them are due to go out over the next two weeks, i really hope that the ice doesn't come back as it was or there will be a lot of disappointed people stuck on boats.

Work has carried on as normal today, Paul has been putting the final touches to Silhouette and continuing with the central heating system fit, Bernard has been straightening the stem post wings on our new 10 berth hire boat, its an unusual design as it has a giant rubber fender running the whole length of the stem post, it is an (ex Black Prince boat) and when it has hit the sills in the locks it has bent the steel either side of the rubber. Fred has been blacking and ha had the unusual task of pressure washing a horse box, yep we even do horse boxes!

Until tomorrow, Simon

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