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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fooled you

I know you think that I am a numpty but i typed "longest day" deliberately just to see how many people read the blog and see how many people noticed the mistake!(thats my excuse and im sticking to it!) thanks Adam and others who have pointed out the mistake, so for those of you who didn't notice, yesterday was the shortest day!

We had another snow fall last but at least the ice seems a little softer today,I went to see how Sovereign Lady was getting on with the ice braking on its return to the yard, I parked at High bridge(the one with the telegraph pole in it) and promptly fell on my arse and slid all the way to the bottom! Soverign Lady was doing a sterling job of breaking the ice and is now safely moored on the wharf awaiting its services prior to the new holiday makers coming tomorrow.

Paul is doing an excellent job and is nearly finished on the central heating installation, Mick is installing a new thermal store, that is a central heating water jacket on an Alde boiler, Bernard is doing a winter service on one of our hire boats and Fred is tidying up the stores as he cant do any blacking because of the ice, have been out breaking ice again and now I'm thawing my feet by the heater.

Only a couple of days left until Christmas, I hope you all have your shopping done, coal and logs in store and are ready for Christmas.

Regards Simon

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  1. need a pic of the shopfront in the winter si ..Trev