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Friday, 17 December 2010

More snow, more ice!

Its getting tedious now, the sub zero temperatures are back and causing us problems again, not as bad yet as they have been but it still takes twice as long to do jobs in this weather,and its going to get much colder, the canal was frozen over today so out with the day boat and ice braking was the first job, in the torential snow,the ice was not to thick around half an inch but it is enough to stop a boat from moving forward when not under power, we had to move several boats today to make room for the boat being drained in to the water, yes it did happen today! sorry no pictures as my fingers were just to cold to hold the phone and press the button!

Dont worry if you are supposed to be coming to collect a boat and you are reading this, the roads as I speak are ok, if you are concerned about the conditions here just drop the office a line in the morning and check.

We have had two boats go out today and we have two more out tomorrow, I don't think they will get far and to be honest if it were me I wouldn't attempt to go far just in case the ice gets to thick.

Well that is it for me for this week, David can keep you up to speed with the goings on here at Norbury, I'm off for the weekend, so until next week.


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