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Sunday, 19 December 2010

It's mighty cold

I arrived at work this morning to find an envelope pinned to the door. Inside was a compliments slip from Staffordshire police to update us on our break in. Apparently they were here at 12.30 this morning and walked around our site to make sure the buildings were secure. Just goes to show that theres some very good coppers out there that go beyond the call of duty. The regular drive-by's will hopefully keep those thieving hands at bay.

I'm a bit late writing our blog today. Time seems to fly by at work in this weather, with very little achieved!

First task of the day was to dock a boat. So I set to breaking the ice with the day boat, but it was virtually impossible down the arm, and I didn't want to do any damage to Strait and Narrow, so we moved to plan B.

Plan B - Float our two hire boats. Slide them alongside each other, pull the boat in that needs docking, push it over to the far side and slide the other two out. I know it sounds a bit like a Bunbury Shuffle (well I suppose it's the same!). Here's a description of Sue doing the Bunbury Shuffle with No Problem.

That worked pretty well, but we had to leave one of our hire boats in as the ice was too thick to break with freshly blacked boats.

Paul's still been busy working on installing the heating system on Lion. Another day or so and it'll all be up and running.

I've been trawling through our website, updating it here and there. I think I have also managed to find a company in Cheshire who can help us with our webcam that Simon wants to install (thanks Dad!).

It's -12°C outside at the moment, so I reckon tonight will be a cold one... Let's hope I can get to Manchester tomorrow.

Well it's 17:45 and I should be at home. So have a good Christmas if I don't get to say that during the week.



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  1. Good news about the webcam, i was going to suggest it but your dad beat me to it...well done David's dad! Will be great to see whats happening visually as well as via the blog.