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Thursday, 23 December 2010

It must have been cold

It must have been really cold last night as me and David went to break the ice toady, it took half an hour to release the day boat from its icy grip and once we managed to make some head way the ice was stopping us dead, considering i had broken the ice yesterday, its like an ice soup now, layers of ice on top of more ice, its a foot thick in places now, well we managed it which enabled us to move Sovereign Lady off the wharf and put it somewhere more accessible for the new holiday makers today, they will not be going anywhere though which is a shame as it is their first holiday on a boat, they usually go abroad for Crimbo, i bet they wish they had of carried on as normal!

Its been quite a busy day, last minute shopping while out at the bank, we have completed on another boat that was for sale, agreed the sale of another boat, Paul has commissioned the heating system that he has fitted and it is now working just fine, we have had a boat go out and a motor home go out, Mick has been doing gas appliance servicing and issuing landlords certificate and Fred has been pumping boats out, watering them up and delivering more coal

Well its Crimbo eve tomorrow, i wont be posting anything now until Wednesday next week, we are open for business albeit reduced hours and a skeleton staff so there probably wont be much to report, so i hope you all have a very merry Christmas and i will post next week.

Kind regards Simon

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