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Monday, 6 December 2010

Getting fed up now!

There is no let up in this weather and as much as the country side around us looks lovely covered in a blanket of snow and the trees have a most impressive frost on them, i am now really fed up with it! the canal freezes as soon as the ice is broken, the boats are that frozen that it doesn't look like they will ever defrost,the car doors wont open as they are frozen shut, the toilet waste pipes are now freezing and i cant feel my fingers! It is a real shame that we have had our camera stolen as i could get some cracking photos, if the freezing fog has lifted tomorrow i will take some on my phone and post them on the blog.

The place has been put back in order after the break in on Thursday night, we will have to have a new door though as the blighters have made a right mess of the old one.

The office and chandlery are 99% finished and in my absence over the weekend they have varnished my new desk, they do look after me! Just new carpet to go down now and that will be it.

I cant feel my fingers, my feet or any other extremities so I'm off home to sit in front of a roaring fire.


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