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Sunday, 12 December 2010

The German market in Birmingham was excellent last night. There were thousands of people milling around admiring the decorations, browsing the stalls, eating and drinking. We then went for a walk to and around Gas Street basin. The trip/restaurant/party boats were doing a roaring trade. I counted five boats travelling back and forward from Old Turn Junction and Salvage turn. Following having a chat with the steerer of Anson the short journey was due to the cut still being frozen further on. We then finished the evening with a couple of pints in the warmth and welcoming of the Anchor at High Offley. Country life hey? Much better than being in a busy city...

I was surprised to wake up to the cut being frozen again this morning, it was only cat ice and melted by about 11am.

Paul's been getting Yelvertoft ready as she is going out tomorrow with one of her shared owners aboard. This is one of the boats that we drained down prior to the weather dropping below freezing some weeks ago, so it took him a little while to get the water through to all the places it needs to be and luckily she is void of leaks!

Mick's found Phoenix's boiler to have several holes in the water jacket. This is not caused by the cold weather as the system was antifreezed, but due to old age. So he has removed the boiler and I will source a replacement tomorrow.

We have had a slight move around in the basin today. Lion is now tied outside the shop ready for a Bubble diesel stove and heating system to be installed - starting tomorrow and I am sure you will have some pictures during the week.

Anyway, I'm having an early night tonight - so over to Simon for the rest of the week.

Hope the ice goes soon!


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