Shop front in the summer

Monday, 5 December 2011

Another fine day

It might be another fine day but my God it is cold, I think this morning was the first time this year that my windscreen was frozen over solidly, it rained in the night and then the temperature must have really dropped because the ice on my windscreen was frozen rain rather than frost, I have to say that we are doing really well with the weather this year, I know I have said it before but as I write today's blog the sun is streaming through the office window and apart from the cold temperatures outside and lack of customers in any great volume you would think its a summers day!

Its been a busy one today, we have had an amazing amount of people either in or on the phone about some of the boats that we currently have up for sale, is the market starting to pick up, or is it just one of those things? What ever the reason it has been nice after a lull in the enquiries! The lads that are in have all been very busy with either winter maintenance or private jobs, I had to nip out to do the banking and collect a new hose for our mini digger, Steve broke it on Saturday, talking of Steve he has just returned with the boat that Cheryl and Julian should have returned with yesterday, poor old Steve has said that it is the worst night he has ever had, no bed on the boat, a stove that was not very good, an engine that needed some nursing and flat batteries, this is the first bit of boating that he has done and it may well nearly be the last!

That's it from me for today


  1. H'mmmm! Not a very good introduction to boating!

    Here, (15-miles sth of Leicester bdg 65), my car had a severely frosted screen at 7.30am and I had a 7.45am appointment too - just made it!

    It's also Very Cold Here, with a bitterly North East wind but a lovely day.

    ... Had to "fix" the engine before I could get some water! Fuel blockage in primary filter (Not main diesel filter) changed filter and still wouldn't start! Re-checked everything, (Carefully this time), the filter design has changed slightly, so I had to fit ALL the rubber seals and 'O' ring supplied - Now all OK!
    (That'll teach me to short cut the maintenance!)

    Still heading for York - It will be the New Year (Sometime) now, as the water is still too low to cruise, the feeder reservoir is empty (Just a puddle really) and now the canal is closed for 4 weeks for lock repairs IT's a lovely area here and the people really great and friendly, so Christmas here will be good! ~Allan~ nb.Pengalanty

  2. It is this time of year and when the severe weather comes that it is essential that your boat and car is prepared properly for the cold, if it is not then it will fail and that will take the enjoyment out of what can be some of the best cruising of the year, good Luck Alan and thanks for your comments