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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Just another cold damp day in December

I think a big well done is in order to David for his first attempt at the lock video and getting it on to the net, it is his first attempt and it does need a little bit of tweaking and maybe some music or even better a Bollinder in the distance with its rhythmic beat, thanks for your constructive comments left so far, if David hasn't seen them I will make sure he does, watch this space or indeed our website for more videos to come in the not too distant future I hope.

Well it ain't far off Christmas now and only 12 days to go but it seems to be getting quieter the closer we get, although saying that, yesterday we had boats queuing on the wharf for services so you never can predict what is going to happen, I have said before that Tuesdays are quiet days; The days are really getting short and the weather is really starting to turn vile, as I sit and write this blog it is throwing it down and the wind is blowing a right hooley,it is gusting that hard the tiles are rattling on the roof and the doors are creaking, it has been hailing today and the temperature has dropped severely, the lads that have been working out side have given up early as they cant feel their fingers!

Freddie and Bernard docked a boat first thing for blacking and Windsor which is one of our new hire boats came off the dock looking refreshed after having been blacked, Freddie delivered a bit of coal to some of the local boaters and then pressure washed the boat on the dock while poor old Bernard finished off the service on an engine and then looked for a small problem on Debdale which is one of the shared boats that we look after, it appears to have developed a problem of oil/water emulsification in the engine, as yet he cant find the cause of it and I am now wondering if someone hasn't accidentally put some oil somewhere they shouldn't, tomorrow will see us running the engine up to temperature too see if it occurs again.

Anyway that's it from me for today, I am going to go and do battle with the wind, I just hope there are no trees down on my way home.

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