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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cat ice...

As I was driving into work this morning the thermometer in the car was reading between -3°C and 0°C. It was certainly a sharp frost that we had in the night. Although the trees and the countryside look really pretty following a good freeze, it isn't the best weather to be working in. Upon arriving at Norbury I was amazed to see the first signs of "Cat Ice" on the canal. Now that does mean that winter really has arrived with avendeance! I managed to catch a picture before the sun melted it or a boat broke through it which would disperse it into little fragments.

It has remained cool most of the day, but I'm hoping that it won't freeze too hard again tonight.

Phoenix returned this morning with regular customers and avid readers of this blog; Fred and Lisa Webster, aboard. I'm glad that you both had a really enjoyable couple of weeks on Phoenix and I hope that you have a safe trip back up to Scotland after the weekend. Speak soon...

The lads have all been getting on with the winter works on the fleet, which are progressing well. Unfortunately the girls are slightly held up with the cleaning as Pippin is having a full paint job in the wet dock. There's little point in giving the boats a deep winter (spring?) clean if they are going to get dusty again whilst they are in the dock. Pippin will be leaving the dock a week tomorrow and then we should be able to turn the other boats around much quicker, giving the girls some boats to clean.

That's it from me this evening.

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