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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


What happened to Christmas, no soon as we broke up we were back at work, I had a nice family Christmas and I hope you all had a nice one too what ever you were doing. Well its back to work as I said and nothing changes except that the weather is superb, blue skies and sun, its very windy here today but at least its not raining and mores the point it ain't frozen like it was this time last year.

We have been busy today, we are still on a skeleton staff as we have people on holiday so you do tend to feel it a bit more, we have had a day boat out this morning and a cracking day they have had, we have un docked Pippin and docked two private boats for blacking, we have also put yet another boat in to the painting dock for Matt to weave his magic and make it look new again, Bernard has been kept busy making an engine fit and engine bay after fitting a new differnt gearbox yesterday, Fred has also been busy with varnishing one of our hire boats internals, Angela has been kept busy in the tearoom with a steady stream of customers and I have been kept busy with the usual day to day stuff and moving boats around, we have that many boats here in the winter that when we dock boats it is like one of those square puzzles where you move one block so that you can move another, it takes three times as long to dock boats at this time of year just because of moving boats out of the way and then moving them back again, we really could do with more space, I bet most boat yards say the same!

That's it from me for today, so until tomorrow.

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