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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


that noise is all i have heard today from people wanting to be fed and watered in the tea room.
hi everyone, i hope you all had a good christmas and didn't eat or drink too much.
as the title suggests we have been busy here at norbury today, there has only been me, mick and bernard here and the tea room has been really busy with cyclists and walkers. mick has also been busy on the wharf with diesel, pump outs and bottles of gas, so all in all we have not had time to be bored. mick has had to come and do the washing up for me as i couldn't keep up (sorry simon, but i couldn't), everyone who has been into the tea room today wanted feeding, unfortunately i could only do toasted sandwiches or cold sandwiches as when i switched the cooker on this morning we were plunged into darkness, i did try again but the same thing happened but no one went away disappointed i'm glad to say.
bernard has been working on the engine on pippin, i haven't seen much of him today so he hasn't been making the usual nusiance of himself.
it will be back to normal tomorrow and i'm sure simon will fill you in, if he doesn't i will, so until next time byyyyeeeeeeeeeee ange.

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