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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fame on the wharf

Yesterday a moorer of ours came in to pay his moorings and unbeknown to me he has a claim to fame, he once did a TV talent show, he posted the YouTube link on our Face book page, well yesterday he also showed off a bit of his talent, he is very good, I didn't realise that he had also done it in the summer on the wharf and entertained some of the tea room customers, here is a link if anyone should be interested.

If you see Dave around Norbury I am sure he would be only to glad to do turn for you and I do hope that we see him perform again in the summer, he might even have a regular spot and a summers day!

Its been another sunny but very cold day here today, no frost last might but the wind today is bracing to say the least, I wouldn't fancy boating today! Tied up today with a roaring fire would be the best thing I reckon, don't forget that we are fully stocked with winter fuels, make sure you are also fully stocked up, don't get caught out!

We had to collect a boat today for a customer and bring it down to Norbury for some work to be done, I dropped one of our local boat owners off to steer it back for us and then preceded to drive back my self, I thought I would take a slight detour past the Anchor pub but was stopped by two official looking people, they informed me that the bridge was closed due to a burst pipe, well I was amazed when I took a look. the bridge underneath was like a giant colander, there was water coming from every crack in the mortar and brick work, it was a right sorry sight, they informed me that BWB had been up earlier in the day and done nothing about it, then then informed me that the canal would need to be closed at the bridge for safety reasons, the boat managed to nip through before any official closure took place, if you are intending on coming on to the Shroppie I would phone BWB to make sure that all is OK.

That's it from me for today.


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  1. Nice one Dave or George Formby or whoever you are!!