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Friday, 2 December 2011


I will apologise in advance for any of the guys and gals who are in tomorrow and might seem a little 'slow' if you should see any of them , the reason for this is I am taking them all out tonight for our Christmas party, we normally do something really boring like go to a local pub, we eat to much, drink to much and usually fall asleep but this year we are all of to a casino for a meal, some entrainment and maybe a flutter on the roulette wheel or a game of cards, what ever we get up to it will be a good night and fun will be had by all, it will be an interesting evening as my partner is also having her Christmas party at the same place at the same time so a bunch of nurses and us lot will make a unusual combination!

Its been a fab day today weather wise, it is like winter has finally arrived, i awoke this morning to a hard crisp frost and upon my arrival at work the boats were all covered in a hard frost, temperatures were down to -4 at seven o'clock so they would have been much lower in the early hour, if any of you haven't winterised your boats then now would be a good idea, all of the lads have been busy out on the boats today, Graham is back at work now so good progress has been made around the place, I have been out all day, dropping people off to collect boats that are due in for brokerage, but upon my return the guys in the office have told me that it has been a very busy day back at the ranch!

That's it from me for today, David will no doubt keep up entertained over the weekend.

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