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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The sun has got its hat on...........................

hip hip hip horray................................. What a glorious morning it started out to be and I am glad to say that it has remained so all day, blue skies, no wind and not even that cold considering its the last day in November! Wouldn't it be fantastic if it stayed like this all winter? Winter boating when it is like this is just superb, Steve is working well on the moorings today and he is complaining that he is getting sun burnt, You just cant win with the weather in this country.

Its been a busy one here today, I suspect the good weather has helped, Angela has been down in the tea room as well as looking after her other admin jobs as Lorraine is off today, Bernard has been up to his usual tricks and down in the engine rooms of several boats as well as docking a boat with Freddie while Matt has been applying paint on the boat in the wet dock, that's it as Graham is still off, Micky is off and of course David is off too.

That's it from me for another day

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