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Friday, 4 November 2011

As I was driving into work this morning, the weather forecast was for heavy rain, thunder, lightening and possibly a hail storm. Luckily it has actually been quite mild and dry until about half an hour ago when the heavens opened! This has meant that Steve and Aaron have had to stop work up the moorings because they were just working in a muddy quagmire.

We have turned five shared owned boats around today and got the hire boats ready that are going out tomorrow. The two boats that are currently on the dock have both been blacked. I think Fred thought that it was necessary to black himself too! I’m sure that his wife won’t be too impressed having to do more washing for him…

Opal II has also turned up from Oxford and I know that Reflection is on her way because I saw her in Tamworth a couple of evenings ago. There’s another two on their way that should arrive sometime over the weekend too.

Simon has been out-and-about for most of the day. He should have been back to the yard about three, but he unfortunately suffered a puncture which has delayed him to the point that he still hasn’t returned.

I hope that you all enjoy your evening and I will be back again tomorrow to update you on what’s been occurring here.

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