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Monday, 28 November 2011


I don't always believe what I read in the papers or what I hear on the news, when it comes to the economic climate really think that a lot of it is media hype and it can quickly lead to peoples confidence in the country being knocked, this can then lead on to a false impression of what is happening, I always try to keep an open mind, however while I was out today it is evident that we are in difficult times, not only have we noticed a slight down turn in our trade but looking our local town of Newport I was amazed at the lack of people out and about, I went out to do the banking and it was dead, I also noticed the amount of shops that were shut or in the process of closing down, you would think that it is a sign of the times, what I don't understand is according to government figures there are more and more people out of work and less jobs out there to be filled, however we have been advertising for a new engineer now for months, we did the same thing last year and had no takers, we did find someone but he was through my own contacts and was being made redundant from somewhere else, this time we can not find anyone that wants an engineering job, its not the end of the world as the hew person is not to replace anyone but is an addition to our team! If any one starts going on about not being able to get a job then tell them to look harder, I know of other people who are actively seeking new employess who cant find any!

The winter seems to have arrived today, although the temperature reading on the car was only 3 degrees it has seemed a lot colder out there today, I was out side this morning with David moving some boats around, Windsor, which is the last of the new hire fleet to arrive and a 57 footer that has come in to be put up for sale, take a look at our website for her details, she is called Lilly Jo and is not very old, We have been quite busy in one way or another today, mainly in the office, the tea room has obviously been quiet but the phones have been keeping us busy in between our normal jobs, Mick has had a varied day on several different boats and Matt has been preparing one of our new hire boats for a complete colour change, that has been the total of the work force today as its Bernard's day off, Fred's day off and Graham ended up going to hospital.

That's it from me for today.

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