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Monday, 21 November 2011

A bit early

Back to work with a bump, as usual, loads of stuff to catch up on so I am glad that it has been a quiet day today, I am posting earlier than usual as I have a late meeting to go to, if that makes sense!

Last week we had amazing weather down in the South of England, my plans changed a little because of the unexpected weather, my plan was to winterise the boat for the winter and 'put it to bed' with the view of not going to it again until next year however upon our arrival on Monday the weather was so mild I decided that I would have take the boat out for the last cruise of the year and then 'put it to bed' on my return later that week, we were treated to four superb days out on the water with no wind and plenty of sun, it was very quiet which gave us the pick of the best moorings, I think that if you get the weather right then some of the best cruising can be in the winter months, but sadly that looks like it was the last few days cruising for me for this year, I wouldn't mind doing a bit more but because I am now busy right up to Christmas with different things and work getting in the way that will be it!

It looks like everyone has been relatively busy last week at work, well that is what they tell me anyway! Everyone has been busy today, even Cheryl has been busy in the tearoom, I have been catching up with the weeks events and to that end I must get off or I will be late for my meeting so until tomorrow.

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