Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Welcome back

I was sat in the Red Lion last night next to the open fire, that was roaring up the chimney (well it was when we had finished with it!), cosy, warm, with good company and enjoying a pleasant pint of Courage’s Directors bitter when I realised that I hadn’t written a blog. So being conscientious as I am, I decided to type one on my phone. Unfortunately when I went to upload it the Wi-Fi decided to drop out and I ended up pressing the wrong button, deleting all of the text. So I do apologise that you didn’t get a blog entry to read last night, but I did honestly try.

I’ll try again today!

It’s been quiet for the last couple of days at Norbury. Winter is definately here due to the fact that we have seen very little traffic on the canal. It also seems quite cold outside, although the thermometer in the car when I have been driving back and forth from Norbury reads 10°C.

We have welcomed back a little friend. Visitors to Norbury Junction will see that our Mandarin duck has returned. When I first came to Norbury in 2005 he visited each Autumn and stopped until the Spring. Once he had fertilised all of the Mallard’s eggs he used to disappear for the summer. Well he didn’t return last year, and we feared the worst, but it’s great to see him back. Here is a picture of him that I caught earlier.

Simon was concerned that we were (or rather that I was) going to eat the two tins of sweets that he had stashed away under his desk whilst he was away, so when he left to go on holiday he took them with him! One of our customers heard about this and thought that he was being unfair, so promptly went and bought us a tin from the supermarket (thanks Pete, ALL of the staff have enjoyed them!).

Jobs on the boats and around the yard have been progressing well – more about them tomorrow.

Until then.

Best regards,



  1. Glad to see the mandarin is back. don't forget to feed him and look after him. He obviously went somewhere else last year but it could not have been so good. Lovely to see! Graham Ray

  2. I took the sweets home for safe keeping, they will return for everyone to enjoy upon my return, i was thinking of your health, I know that if they had stayed there you would have 'scoffed' the lot in a day! Good to see our friend back for the winter. Simon :-)