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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Flat out!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, as the title suggests, I have been flat out for the last couple of days, I have had Angela off, David off, Lorraine off and Mick off today, not that it has been busy, but with four people off you do tend to be a little bit busier than normal, good job it has been quiet!

Not much to report really, I suppose the most exciting thing to happen is that we have had a blocked soil pipe in one of the cottages, not to exciting I hear you say, well not until Fred managed to loose a long section of the roding tool down the soil pipe which at that stage was full of s*** needless to say that when he reported it to me the air too was also full of s*** and lots of other expletives!! they have had to dig up the soil pipe to locate the roding tool, as I am writing this blog I am yet to hear how they have got on, I really do hope that they have sorted the problem, if not the s*** will hit the fan as the poor occupants of the cottage wont be able to use there loo tonight!

Apart from that nothing else too interesting has happened over the last couple of days, we have steadily been taking bookings for the boats for next year, one of the new boats turned up today which only leaves four more to arrive, Fred and Bernard have un docked two boats today and also docked two more, Interestingly for the past couple of years we have had a several empty moorings but this winter we are full to bursting point with moorings, so much so that we have had to start a waiting list again, we must be doing something right, either that or we are too cheap!

That's it from me for today.

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