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Sunday, 6 November 2011

They arrived eventually!

The dayboat eventually arrived back just before six last night! I wasn’t very impressed as I was supposed to be over in Tamworth for six thirty. I can understand the boats being a few minutes late, as you can never guarantee timings on the canal, but to be an hour and a half late is taking it a bit too far…

I was out boating last night, enjoying the fire work displays all around until we reached our destination for our very own bonfire, fireworks and BBQ. A great evening was had by all.

I was up early again this morning, walked Annie and then headed over to work. Although the traffic isn’t usually too bad at the weekend, thick fog slowed progress down this morning. By the time I arrived at Norbury it became evident that the sun was going to burn through the fog and a brilliant day has followed. At one point there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and most people were walking around in short sleeved t-shirts. It’s now started to drop cold again and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a frost tonight.

Mick and Julian have docked one of our new hire boats. Julian has pressure washed it off whilst Mick has been carrying on with the stove fit that he is in the middle of. He has also been out to a break down. One of our moorers experienced alternator problems down at Church Eaton and called for our assistance. They are now up and running again and heading back towards Norbury.

Lorraine has worked really hard today, with a couple hours of assistance from Cheryl. Ange off on holiday, so I have manned the shop, office and telephones whilst carrying on with some advertising work and no end of other bits and pieces I have ongoing. Not to mention a bit of invoicing!

I hope that you all have a good week ahead. I have got some painting to finish off on Ant if the weather isn’t too bad on Tuesday/Wednesday – so that will keep me occupied.

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