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Monday, 7 November 2011

Its toooooo short!

I reckon that the weekend is far too short, but then I think that everyone else also feels the same on a Monday! The week days also seem far too short at the moment! I do like the winter when it is crisp in the air and a nice frost on the ground but I really don't like it dark in the late afternoon like it is now as I am writing this blog! It has been a seriously cold day today, I awoke this morning expecting to see a hard frost outside when I opened the curtains but it was just damp, I believe from David that there had indeed been a frost but then I reckon that because of the distance that he is travelling in to work at the moment he would be up earlier than me.

Its been an incredibly busy day today here at Norbury, we have sen quite a lot of boats on the wharf for services which has kept David on his toes, Micky has been fitting a stove, Graham has been welding in the dock, I have been for a play on our new day boat , what a Laugh that is going to be, I will post some pictures of it this week as soon as I get the chance, Cheryl has been busy in the shop and tea room as well as a bit of stock taking that had been over looked, Matt has been painting, and that is going to look superb when its finished this week, pictures to follow! Julian has been doing a bit of blacking and that's about the total sum of the activities today.

We have our Angela back tomorrow after her week of relaxing, knocking a few rounds off, doing London and generally enjoying herself, she will no doubt be well and truly refreshed after her break, I should just say that she likes her golf!

That's about it from me for today.

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