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Friday, 18 November 2011

Pictures today

I thought that I'd take a few pictures for you to look at today.

Firstly, Matt has finished painting The Arkenstone and we have had her on the dock for blacking and for a set of anodes to be fitted. Here she is nearly complete. Once she has had all of her fittings put back on she will be coming out of the dock and the customer's will be collecting her. Unfortunately I was unable to get on to her (due to the paint on the counter being wet) to shut the doors prior to taking the picture as I wanted to show you the rear bulkhead pattern. It isn't the normal design. It is very similar to that of the Shropshire Union fly boats and I pleased how it has turned out.

Graham has started over-plating our new dayboat Bounty. She has already served several years on the Welsh Canal and has suffered from an incredible amount of corrosion. Once she has been plated she will easily serve for another 20 years and following the paint job she will receive in the winter, along with some internal alterations she will be like new when she goes into service in the Spring.

The window/porthole apertures have now been cut in Kirsty Louise, that's the last boat that we put a cabin on. Matt has cleaned up around them and given the steel some protection ready for the windows to be fitted.

Matt has currently got Summer Wine in the dock for a lick of paint. I hadn't realised how faded the paint had got. It has done well though seeing that we painted her some five years ago now. She has introduced many people to the canal system and carried experienced crew. Once she comes out of the dock she will look like new! Joyce has also been doing some internal varnishing whilst Summer Wine has been in the warm and dry...

Until tomorrow.

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