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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Well I laughed

Well I laughed when I read Angela's blog from last night, I was a little too busy to write one so Ange stepped in and wrote it instead, she has a unique way of saying things, well she has exposed the 'Numpty Club' here at Norbury, when someone gets something totally wrong then they get the title of chief Numpty, Not that it happens very often, well lorraine does get the title more often than most! and I won’t mention Fred as he has had his name changed by deed pole to Mr Numpty, so As Angela said last night if you want to join the ever expanding Numpty club then just drop her a line.

Its been a grey damp day today, one of those days where I could have stayed in bed for another hour at least, but not today though as there was far too much to get done, we had a day boat out first thing this morning, two boats going on the dock for blacking etc and I really needed to get the winter works schedules finished off as I am not around next week and the lads need to make a start on the boats as it is a big job to get 30 odd boats done as well as all of the other jobs that come in over the winter period, Matt has been progressing very well and the boat is looking superb, it will be finished this weekend so no doubt David will get a picture of it as it comes out of the dock, Graham has been busy as well, he has been adding some protection to the base plate of Defiant which if you didnt know is one of our day boats, he then started removing the stern gear of our 'new to us' day boat, the Bounty, it is very worn indeed and needs a new stern bush at the very least, Fred has been blacking and doing the last bit of grass cutting of the year and Bernard has been winterising boats, he is nearly finished and then he will be starting on the winter engine servicing.

That’s it from me for today so until tomorrow, maybe.

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