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Sunday, 13 November 2011

I’m glad Ange filled you in yesterday evening with some of the events of the return of the dayboaters. I’m glad that the others don't turn up like that every time that they go out! They definitely upset Bernard. They must have been brave, because I certainly wouldn’t like to upset him!

Cheryl spent most of the morning cleaning the dayboat up, ready for the next time that she goes out. I think that is the first time this year that we have kept the damage deposit for any of the boats.

Julian and I undocked the two boats that we had on the dock and docked Amarige. That’s one of the boats that we have sold recently which is now on for blacking and a set of anodes to be fitted. It also needs a new bottom rudder bearing (cup) fitting, but I will have to give the owners a ring first to get the authorisation to do that. The poor chap has got a few broken bones, from being knocked down by a motorbike outside his own house. The accident happened the day before him and his wife were due to collect the boat from us, so up until now he hasn’t even been able to enjoy getting out on the canal.

There’s been a few boats out and about today, a couple have been on the wharf for services, but certainly a huge contrast to those long and busy summer weekends that seem so long ago now.

Lorraine has been kept busy down in the tea room. She’s had some assistance from Ange and Cheryl at the busier times, but she is superb at looking after the customers who come in for refreshments.

Ange has been busy with her normal office duties, looking after customers and with laundry off of the boats. Now all-but-one of the new boats that we will be operating next year have arrived, the inventory is being checked with a fine toothed comb and all of the bedding etc. is being washed and stored in the warm and dry for the winter months.

Mick is progressing with the diesel stove that he has been fitting to one of our moorers boats. When I went down to the dock earlier this afternoon he had just finished fixing it down and plumbing up the back boiler. He only needs to fit the flue pipe and commission the diesel system now, so I would imagine it will be up and running by this evening.

That’s about all to report from here today.

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