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Friday, 11 November 2011

where has the week gone

i just don't know where the time has gone this week, only 6 weeks until christmas and then it will be easter before we know it and we'll be well into the thro's of the season. i am really looking forward to it but we do need extra staff next year for washing and cleaning so if anyone is tempted give me a call.
it has been a reasonable day here today, we have turned 6 shared owned boats around, all have been collected by their owners and one has even gone out for 2 weeks, i do hope they have reasonable weather, but hey if they don't they will be nice and cosy on the boat with the fire going.
fred hasn't been too busy today but he does ask for me to get the keys ready for him on a friday morning cos he's lazy, then when he's finished with them he gets me to hang them back up for him, cheek, i wouldn't mind but he won't do anything for me. bernard has been in and out of the shop like he was on a piece of elastic, crashing through the door, we have asked him not to do it, he wouldn't if simon was here.
it is getting so dark at night now and when we leave work it is like the black hole of calcutta here. we have to negotiate our way through the gate, walk over to the other side of the road, up the side of wharf cottage when the light comes on and then goes off after about 5 seconds. lorraine said she felt like dick emery walking down the towpath last night over the cobbles, i can just see her now wobbling from side to side trying not to fall over, she is so funny. i had to smile today as we sent simon out shopping this morning, he came back with stationery, groceries and wine. the wine he bought was duly checked by lorraine and she had a moan at simon as it was only 8% abv, she said it was just like drinking fruit juice, he said drinking anything stronger makes you walk like dick emery, lol, he calls her lol aswell.
well that's it from me tonight, sorry it's a late blog, byeeeeeeee, ange.

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