Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Well after yesterdays temperatures I thought that I would open the curtains this morning and see snow, the opposite in fact, it was really nice, the temperature in the car was 10 degrees, what is going on with this weather, later on this morning the wind picked up, good God it has blown a gale all afternoon, bins flying across the wharf, chairs and tables flying around, it nearly took Cheryl off her feet (she is only little) later on this afternoon it started to rain, at one point when I glanced out of the window the rain was horizontal and I swear it was snowing! I suppose compare to this time last year we are doing well as it was a foot deep in snow with temperatures in the region of -20 bbbrrrrr that was cold then!

Its been a much quieter day today than yesterday but I do find that Tuesdays are generally quiet, David is off so is Angela which has left me and Cheryl to look after things in the tea room and the office,Amazingly we have had a day boat out today, poor people as the weather has not been kind to them at all, it came back early as well and I don't blame them! Bernard and Fred are back in today, that usually provides plenty of entertainment, they have been cracking on with different jobs on boats as well as delivering coal to some local customers, Matt has been preparing in the paint dock again, Mick has also been on several different boats while poor old Steve was working on the moorings, he did cut it Short however once the rain came down, he looked like a drowned rat when he went home.

Talking of home that's it from me for today, I have a nice roaring fire to get back to!

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