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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Its been grand!

I can hardly believe how Lucy we are with this weather, it has been a grand day today and as I write up the blog this afternoon it is a stunning sunset over Norbury, its been a very cold day, I had a meeting this morning and we stood on the wharf while having a coffee and boy was it chilly, you just ask Ange because when I came back in i gently touched her neck with my ice blocks commonly know as hands and she nearly jumped through the ceiling!

Its been a busy day in way or another, a few boats on the wharf, Bernard has had a private boat in for an engine service, Fred has been busy down in the depths of the dry dock painting, Micky has been boiler servicing, replacing water pumps, fixing broken ducting pipes, check batteries and checking fridges , he does have a varied day, Steve is making superb progress with the moorings, they are actually in sight of completion, I shouldn't speak too soon as I don't want to temp Providence!

Our thoughts are with Matt (our painter) and his family today as it is a close relatives funeral and I do know that they have all suffered a great loss, I hope his day has gone OK under the circumstances!

It is a week of funerals, I good friend of mine passed away just over a week ago, for anyone that might have seen the lovely gardens and plants here at Norbury in the past, well they were looked after by Pam and Terry, unfortunately Pam passed away and it his her funeral tomorrow, her friendly vibrant and cheeky character will be sorely missed!

That's it from me for tonight.

On that not I will

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