Shop front in the summer

Saturday, 12 November 2011

After all the rain that we had in the night, I thought that it was going to prove to be a miserable day, but it’s been quite the opposite. The sun was shining by 9am as the boats were returning from their weeks cruises. Although it has gone a bit chilly now.

We had one dayboat go out this morning. Let’s hope they aren’t as late back as the customer’s that went out this time last week! Princess has been collected and gone out for the week, and we have turned around three shared boats.

Talking of shared boats, we have had another boat confirm that they will be operating from here next season. That leaves just one space for a shared boat to be turned around on a Saturday. So, if you want to come to Norbury please do not hesitate to contact us ASAP. We send a warm welcome out to the owners of Still Dreaming and look forward to seeing you in April.

Best regards,



  1. i do have to add to what david said about the day boat returning on time. it did arrive on time but what a state it was in, there was a stuffed parrot in the toilet along with other bits of their regalia, the floor was absolutely soaking wet, funny, it hadn't been raining, and all the lads were worse for wear. one of them insisted on bernard giving him a cuddle, bernard was having none of it, go on said the lad, give me a cuddle it doesn't mean your gay and in no uncertain terms bernard said NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO i don't want one, now go on home, lol. speak soon ange.

  2. Presumably this was the bunch that advertised their presence by bellowing and screaming like a bad day at the zoo as they passed along the canal. I was annoyed by these idiots in my back garden: god knows what it was like for people moored up on the canal. I hope the forfeited deposit was painful.

    Still, it wasn't quite as loud as the ******* who kindly shared their taste in 70s music at full blast one day in the summer.