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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Change is good as a rest

I've been in the wet dock for most of the day painting Summer Wine. She's had a lick of paint all over to tidy her up ready for next season. I must say that she has come up really well bearing in mind the original paint job was done some five years ago now. There's just the blacking and counter bands to finish off now, but Fred will do that when she goes over into the dry dock in a week or so. Cheryl has also been in the dock today with me. She has checked through all of the inventory onboard the boat, to ensure it is all present and correct. She has also painted the poles and plank and varnished the deck board (cratch) and top plank.

Ange and Lorraine have done a great job of manning the shop, tearoom and office. I think there has been quite a few customers through the door this afternoon inparticularly.

Mick and Julian docked an old working boat this morning. She's one of the Town Class boats built by Harland and Wolffe at Woolwich, London for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company and is known as a Big Woolwich. Once the water was drained out of the dock, she had a survey which didn't pick any unforeseen problems. Following this Julian has pressure washed her off so that she will be ready to receive her first coat of blacking tomorrow morning.

Mick has been getting on with the gas servicing and landlord certificates that we have to complete each year on every boat that we operate. It takes a while to get through so that will keep him busy for the next few months along with the other jobs that we squeeze in too...

I think that's everything to report for today.

Simon is back tomorrow and I am sure he will be only too willing to tell you all about his adventures whilst he has been off on holiday.

Look forward to speaking to you all on Saturday.

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