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Monday, 31 October 2011

Its Dark

It's horrible, this time of year that is! When it goes dark earlier in the day it doesn’t feel right still being at work, I also think that all of the people who work here think the same because as it gets dark they slow down and try and skulk off early! It does make the evenings seem really long though, I wish this country would do away with swapping the hours around and just stick to British summer time, I prefer the dark mornings to the dark nights! It also makes the customers stay away.

Its been a quiet day, as you would expect really as it was the last day of the cruising season and it is now that BWB historically start on their winter maintenance program, we have been lucky this year as there are not many stoppages in our neck of the woods but even so the canal system does go very quiet, everyone has been busy here today though with our year end, stocktaking and finishing off the outstanding jobs prior to starting on this years mammoth winter maintenance program on our boats, alls being well work will commence tomorrow on winterising some of the boats before the bad weather descends on us, I don’t suppose that will be far away now, funny to think that last year it was only two weeks on from now that the snow came, Bbrrrr I am not looking forward to that, I hope you are all well and truly stocked up with your winter fuels?

That’s it from me for today

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