Shop front in the summer

Monday, 10 October 2011

suprisingly warm!

Although it has been a grey, overcast and bloody windy day today it has been surprisingly warm, on my way in this morning I noticed then that it was warm but as the day has chugged on it has got warmer, shame we haven't had any sun to go with it!

It has been a bust day for both me and David today, David has been trying very hard to finalise the 2012 brochure but he has managed it and he sent it off today to the printers to get a proof copy done, people don't realise just how much hard work goes on behind the scenes to keep all things up to date, I too have been non stop today, I have been out to view a boat for brokerage and do a bit of banking and then I have not stopped working on the computer all day, Cheryl has been kept busy in the tea room, shop and laundry, Julian has blacked a boat on the dock and Graham has been fitting a new stern gear to a boat which has taken all day, all this whilst Matt has been painting a boat in the wet dock, so its been quite a busy day today with one thing and another.

that's it from me for tonight.


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