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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

12 Months!!!!!

Thanks to Lorraine Lintern who sent Angela an email yesterday about hiring a boat next year and for pointing out that yesterday on the 18th October the blog celebrated its first year, I find it hard to believe that it was a year ago yesterday that we started the blog, that is nearly 365 posts and amazing 36000 visitors! A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone that has replied to posts, read the posts, contributed towards the content, and Angela and David for taking the time to post things in my absence!

Its been a tough year for everyone in business and everyone in general, the government has squeezed us ALL as tight as they dare and this has caused a lot of companies to go under and many more companies to lay off staff and cut back, we on the other hand have had the same sort of year as previous years, albeit income from different areas, however we are feeling the pinch as our costs rise, we have had a good year in terms of hiring, this is one aspect of the business that seems to be up, which has made up for other areas that are down, I have taken the decision on the strength of this to increase the fleet as I have previously mentioned, Bold or foolhardy? well only time will tell, but what I do know is that sitting back and just accepting that we are earning less is not going to pave a way forward for the future for any of us, I think we need to invest more to earn more even if it is only going to be a small return on our investment, at least it is a return!

We normally have an end of season party in October, sadly not this year, as I said earlier, our costs have risen and to that end we will now have a party every other year, so sorry to all of our valued customers and friends who we enjoy seeing so much at the party, we are still here and you are all more than welcome to come down at any time and have a drink and a chin wag, as a lot of you already do!

I would like to take the opportunity through this blog to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported us in everyway this last year, My family for all of there help around the place, all of my staff for there continued efforts, and most importantly, our customers, without you we don’t have a business!

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