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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Happy Birthday.

It’s Ange’s birthday today. Although she tried to hide it from us, we remembered! Happy Birthday Ange and have a great evening.

I know there is a first for everything, but today we have had four boats out for the day… Yes, four! We have had a number of enquiries due to the fantastic weather that we have been experiencing. As we had one of the holiday boats available and the hirers were experienced I agreed to let it out for the day. They have all headed north, so the Wharf at Goldstone must have been busy at lunchtime!

Fred and Bernard docked a boat last night which was surveyed this morning, and since then Julian and Mick have docked another boat which Julian has duly pressure washed ready for the first coats of blacking to be applied tomorrow.

Lorraine has been in the tea room again with a bit of extra help from Cheryl over the lunchtime rush.

Mick has been finishing off a few jobs before he jets off on holiday. He is off to Italy for the week.

That’s all from me today, Simon should be back tomorrow but he is going to be skiving for the day – doing jobs away from the office, so you will have to put up with me again until Tuesday…

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