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Thursday, 6 October 2011

IWe knew it was gonna happen!

When i was sat last week in temperatures well in the 20's, drinking bourbon on the rocks listening to the weather forecasters I would have thought that they were slightly deranged in their forecast for the coming week, well they were spot on as they said by the end of this week the weather was going to go the other way and by God it has, Winter has arrived folks! I am sat in the office now in the quiet looking out across the yard and the rain is pelting down, the Sky's are black and it looks like it will be raining all night long, I had a customer in late on this afternoon who reported that it was snowing when he left Scotland this morning, you never know it may well snow here this weekend!

Now for some good news, there is only seventy nine days left until Christmas, and then we will be looking forward to the new boating season, roll on Spring!

It been a busy day of sorts, we had a day boat out first thing this morning which Graham expertly saw out, he then carried on with the new door and hatch that he has been working on all week, that kept him nice and quiet, Bernard has been up to all sort of stuff, tightening up stern tubes, fitting Aqua drives, fitting anodes, moving boats, Matt has been painting and Fred has been moaning, I don't know whats been up with him today, I will be re naming him Mr Grumpy if he carries on like this, he cant blame it on his lack of smoking as he has started again, he has been quite busy today though, he has blacked a boat, moved several boats around, done a couple of pump outs, served some diesel, done some weeding, locked up and gone home,talking of going home that's what I'm doing right now as the rain has stopped for a minute, there is a little bit of sun so I'm off.

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